Wintersemester 2014/2015

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PRAR: Praktikumsreflexion WS2013

'Public Relations is fundamentally the process of managing how, when and in what way you communicate, so that you may ultimately influence the behaviour, attitude and perceptions of those important to you. In our 24/7 business world today, to be able to do this successfully is vital for any business, be it a multinational or one-man band.'

This course is directed to students of Media Management in their 3rd semester. It is designed as a language course based on Public Relations (PR), thus we will work with and analyse different sorts of texts, scenarios, case studies, and examples, which are taken from that area of business. Moreover students will have to put their theoretical knowledge and ideas into practice by excercising how to use PR-tactics effectively and acquaint themselves with writing techniques particular to that area. Furthermore students will deal with relevant grammar, language structures and vocabulary in order to improve their PR communication skills in English.